Creative Movement – Getting Moving Without the Gym

All the bloggers say how important it is to make time to go to the gym, but the truth is that sometimes it’s just not possible. Whether it’s your work schedule, health, finances, or single parenting, sometimes life just gets in the way of “working out” in a traditional sense. But it still stands true that movement can make a huge difference in our mental health and wellbeing, and lessen stress hormones in our bodies, so it’s important to find ways to incorporate occasional mindful movement into our day to day life. Here are a couple tips to get you started!

  1. Just start. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in her book “Big Magic” that “it’s better to be a diligent half-ass than a lazy perfectionist.” If we’re constantly waiting for “the moment” the moment will never come. Do you have 5 minutes a day? That’s a great start! 
  2. Make chores movement. Do you have to do the dishes? Turn up the Beyonce and dance while you do it! Folding laundry? Even sitting down you can sway back and forth to the beat and get creative with your arms! It can be a fun way to get laughing, too!
  3. Find small times to incorporate movement. Take advantage of a break at work to walk around the building or the block. Lean back and lift your arms, roll your shoulders, breathe deeply. Every bit counts.
  4. If you’re scrolling through your phone, move your legs! Make a game of every time you scroll past a selfie, do a squat or a jumping jack (if you’re able – do a light stretch if you’re movement limited). 

So much of what we see of workout culture on social media is not attainable for everyone. Be gentle on yourself, take it with a grain of salt, and just start moving. We can guarantee that you’ll feel happier, better, and more fulfilled if you set aside perfection and just move.

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