Body Neutrality and Boudoir 

Bodies are a huge part of every day in the world of boudoir and fashion, and as women, we are bombarded with comparison. “Buy this supplement!” “Your dream body is 28 days away with this plan!” Or even “love how your body looks, no matter what!” – and while there’s nothing wrong with the last sentiment, some days it adds unnecessary guilt and shame when you look in the mirror and just don’t like what you see. On those days, it helps to find ways to appreciate what you bring to the table completely aside from your body.  This concept is known as body neutrality.

Of course it’s a good thing to objectively love your body, but it’s an even better thing to love yourself without relating your value to your body – it is the least interesting thing about you, after all.  Body neutrality celebrates where you are as a person, regardless of your body. Where your heart and mind and personality and inner beauty have created art that nobody else in the world could except for you.

Boudoir, at first glance, seems like a fairly objectifying genre. It *is* body positive. It does show off your body – but underneath the initial impression, its focus is on showing YOU. Telling YOUR story. Showing YOUR strength. It’s a uniquely intimate art form that, while it does celebrate the beauty of your body, however it looks, also highlights the aspects of your personality that make you unlike any other person.

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