Maternity Boudoir

Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy. So, deciding to get pregnant boudoir portraits taken is a personal decision that can take time to make. I’ve met women who loved the experience of growing a child in their belly and felt amazing. Whereas, I did not. After a morning sickness and exhaustion-wracked first trimester, the bump kept growing and my body kept changing. I never really felt much better than those first 12 weeks. None of my clothes fit right and my fingers swelled. I did *not* feel sexy.

Magazines touted thin, photoshopped models, and even when they featured a pregnant woman, she looked happy and glossy and SO PERFECT. Unlike me. Now, looking back at the few pictures I have from that time, I can see the beauty in it, and wish I’d taken more time to appreciate the incredible work my body was doing, and pamper it a little bit more. Maybe I could have tried getting boudoir maternity photography done.

One of my favorite things about pregnant boudoir portraits is that they capture women at a time when their bodies are changing drastically. Their bodies are doing incredible work. Their bodies might not be the shape society’s influencers call “perfect”, but they’re beautiful, and deserve to be seen as works of art. How amazing is it that your body is making a whole and complete human being?

Boudoir maternity photography is so special for years to come, as you learn to embrace what you did, your strength and courage, the hard work of motherhood, and your evolving beauty. You can look back with kindness and amazement at the way you changed and grew. You can cherish your pregnant boudoir portraits that showed off those sweet moments before life changed forever.

Whether or not you choose to get pregnant boudoir portraits done, we encourage you to see yourself through a lens of love and compassion. You are worth so much.

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