What to eat on the day of your photoshoot

I often hear people mention not eating before their photoshoot, but eating is an important part of nourishing your body and equally important before your photoshoot as it would be before a strenuous workout! During the photoshoot, you’ll be arching, stretching, and holding positions you didn’t think you could, and without proper nourishment you could start to feel a little dizzy. To prepare yourself to be strong and ready, here are some of our favorite foods to eat before or during your boudoir photography shoot:

  • Chocolate Covered Almonds – the protein and sugar mix is a powerhouse for keeping your body going during the shoot! 
  • Eggs or Tofu – the protein density will help your muscles hold your poses so much better than if you were hungry.
  • Fish or Quinoa Salad – again, both protein-dense options that will help your body power through the photoshoot like a pro.
  • Apples – Apples give natural energy and (generally) don’t add uncomfortable bloating, so they’re another favorite
  • Lemon Water – this will help energize you without the jittery feeling that comes with a caffeine overdose! 

A quick word on drinking before your shoot: while a mimosa might loosen you up and ease your nerves, keep it to one! Please do not come to your photoshoot tipsy – it’s company policy to not photograph someone under the influence.

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