An open letter to our clients

Dear Chérie Amour Friends:

You inspire us. You amaze us with your stories, your vulnerability, your strength, and your courage. Each day we get to work with you, we’re in awe at the beauty and multiplicity of women.

Some of you have experienced incredible heart ache. Some of you have experienced mental health struggles. Some of you have fought daily with body image and disordered eating. Some of you are in the middle of so much right now, but look at you. You’re still here, you’re still fighting.  Your survival rate for bad days is 100%. We admire you so much.

Some of you have already done a boudoir shoot with us, and we’re so grateful that you trusted us with taking your photos. We hope you know how beautiful you are. Some of you are scheduled but haven’t done the shoot yet. It’s normal to be nervous before your photoshoot! You’ve got this. Some of you haven’t booked and aren’t planning on it, but we’re so glad you’re here, coming along with us for the journey.

This Valentine’s day, we want to share the love with YOU. Thank you for being part of the family.


Chérie Amour

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