Boudoir – Who is it for?

Who is boudoir for??  Boudoir is an extremely meaningful and vulnerable style of photography, celebrating the essence of the beauty of women. Sometimes we hear people say “I don’t know who I’d do it for” or “I’m not engaged any more – I don’t need this.” They realize that a really common (and good!) use for boudoir photography is as a gift to a significant other. There really are few gifts as precious as memoirs of your beauty and love. So on the one hand, boudoir is for your partner.

What sometimes women don’t realize is that it’s every bit as much of a gift for themselves, and one that they absolutely do not need a partner to enjoy.  Walking into a boudoir shoot gives most women anxiety, but walking out, it’s all gone.  It’s an amazing experience getting to relax and enjoy channeling your inner bond girl, listen to good music, and laugh with your photographer, who will be your ultimate hype girl.

Not only that, but the image reveal can be an incredible experience. We’ve lost count of the number of times women have seen their images and exclaimed, “That’s ME?! I never knew I looked like that!” When women see themselves through the lens of someone outside of themselves, without the cloud of self-judgment, wonderful things happen.

As much as boudoir is a good gift for a partner, boudoir is a gift to yourself. You deserve to see yourself as the work of art that you are.

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