What to wear for a boudoir photoshoot

While we fully believe in wearing pretty lingerie every day of the week, there are definitely pieces that work better for occasions like a boudoir photoshoot. Boudoir became a popularized style of photography in the 1920s, named after the French women’s dressing room. Through the years it’s evolved into much more of a female-run industry based in empowering women. We are here to guide you on what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot session!


A bodysuit is a simple and effective clothing piece to wear for a boudoir photoshoot. It is universally flattering and covers the belly area, which can be an area of insecurity for a lot of us. We love this piece to start out a session since it’s more conservative and can help clients ease into the process of the photoshoot. A couple of our favorites include the Peyton Bodysuit from Nette Rose, the Chloe Soft Cup Bodysuit from Else, and the Scylla Bodysuit from Thistle and Spire.

peyton bodysuit

Peyton Bodysuit


chloe soft cup bodysuit

Chloe Soft Cup Bodysuit


elodie bodysuit

Elodie Soft Bodysuit



For another conservative option on what to wear for a boudoir photo session, we suggest the chemise. It’s a (usually) silk short dress. It’s lightly fitted and ends at a flattering high-mid thigh. They’re wonderfully versatile as well – you can wear them tucked into slacks with a blazer, or on their own with a blazer on a night out. We recommend the Darling Chemise from the Rya collection and the Scarlett Chemise from Sainted Sisters.

Scarlett Chemise

Scarlett Chemise


Darling Chemise

Darling Chemise



Arguably the most classic lingerie looks, worn by femme fatales throughout the 20th century. Simple, elegant, universally flattering, and so sexy, the garter set elevates a normal bra and panty set with a detailed belt that highlights the natural waist and often can connect to thigh-high stockings. Use it just as it is or with high heels for beautiful full-body shots or detail shots! We are in love with this Julie’s Roses set from Dita Von Teese. Its retro look gives a total bond girl essence. For something more modern, try the Karolina set from Bluebella!

If you want to skip the garter, we still recommend matching bras and panties. TThis set from Atelier Amour is full of seductive detail, and the Il Mare bralette and panty set from Thistle and Spire is a beautifully embroidered and tastefully edgy set, as well.

Julie's collection

Julie’s Roses Set


Karolina Collection

Karolina Set


Atelier Amour

Onde Sensuelle Set



Does your significant other have a favorite button-down? Bring it with you! You can toss it over a bra and panties or wear it all alone for some subtly sexy looks that will mean the world to them. This can apply to sports jerseys or motorcycle jackets. You can also feel free to personalize it to what means the most to you. Boudoir is all about highlighting what makes you, you.

FINALLY and most importantly, confidence! Boudoir shoots can be nerve-wracking even for the most confident women, and your photographer will understand that and do her best to put you at ease. While you can’t buy it from us, here are a couple of affirmations that you can pair with deep breaths to build your confidence before the session: 

“Confidence is possible for me”

“I deserve to take up space”

“I am beautiful and worthy of love”

“I am thankful for my body”

We hope you enjoy your photoshoot. Let us know if you are looking for a personal fitting, or email lingerie@cherieamourinc.com with your size or measurements and desired aesthetic for personalized recommendations on what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot session.

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