What is boudoir

A few years ago, before starting at Chérie Amour, I had no idea what boudoir photography was. I knew about maternity photography, lifestyle, bridal, wedding, and newborn photography, but Boudoir? No idea. Shortly before starting here, a friend of mine did a boudoir shoot and I was just amazed at the beauty and vulnerability and power that her photos displayed. 

I’ve heard a lot of descriptions since then – “pictures in lingerie!” “sexy photos,” “naughty photos,” “Victoria’s Secret style photos” – but none of them really capture the essence of what boudoir photography is.

Boudoir, which is named after the French women’s dressing room, is an intimate and powerful style of photography that showcases the beauty and diversity of women. It seeks to show women how stunning and uniquely lovely they are, from the lens of someone whose eyes aren’t biased by their insecurities. It’s more than a photoshoot. A life changing and empowering experience.

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