Behind the Scenes: Grooming and Beauty Prep

A makeup artist once told me, “You can have a great painting, but it’s important to paint on a clean canvas,” and that stuck with me. As a boudoir photographer now, I always recommend to clients to really invest in their skin care and hair care as much as possible the month leading up to their photoshoot. Here are some of my top tips for glowing from the inside on the day of your photoshoot.

Cherie Amour boudoir client

4 weeks before:

Up your water intake, and if you can handle caffeine, start drinking a cup of green tea in the mornings. Green tea has vitamins B3 and E that are rejuvenating to your skin and both reduce redness and irritation, and give you that internal glow. Find a serum for your specific skin needs, and consider looking into “slugging” – a skincare technique that originated with the Native Americans and is very popular among skincare professionals. At night, after doing your full routine, take a pea sized amount of vaseline and apply it to your face to seal in the products you used. Wash it off in the morning and you’re good to go! A month of this will transform your skin.

3 weeks before:

Take a look at your hair. Do you want to get a trim before your session? Try to do that now! Consider getting a scalp scrub to refresh your scalp health, and a deep conditioner to use once a week leading up to balance your hair’s moisture. Keep up the water intake!

2 weeks before:

If you tan, try to do it 2 weeks before your session. Spray tan will rub off on sheets and if it’s fresh, can make you look very orange in your photos. Give yourself two weeks for it to settle in and look natural.

1 weeks before:

If you can, book a facial. Any microneedling or peels you get need time to heal before your photoshoot. Redness can take one to two days to calm down after an intensive facial. If you wax, this is a good time to do that as well.

1 day before:

If you don’t want body hair and shave, shave the day before your session to give any razor bumps a chance to settle down. If you’re heat styling your hair, that will work best on day two hair, so wash today. Do a gua sha session to show your face some love – or if you don’t have a gua sha, look up some facial massage techniques. There’s a lot you can do without any special tools! Go to bed a little earlier so you can wake feeling refreshed and ready to slay your session!

Day of:

Get up and say some affirmations – you’re beautiful, worthy, and going to have an amazing day! We’re so excited to work with you.

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