Boudoir: A Gift Beyond The Wedding Day

The vast majority of our clients find us through bridal shows. We love meeting so many amazing women through those venues, but we’ve found that sometimes this can perpetuate the notion that boudoir is just a traditional wedding gift. Don’t get us wrong- a boudoir album is an incredible gift both for yourself and your future spouse – but it can be so much more than that. 

When you make the choice to do a boudoir shoot, you’re taking an active role in your empowerment as a woman. You’re choosing to love your body and accept it as it is, and choosing to have an open mind towards seeing yourself in a new light. Social media is full of unrealistic body standards and very few women escape without some level of insecurity about parts of your body that are completely normal and even beautiful.

When you receive your album of photos, you’re receiving a testimony to your power and a reminder of your strength. That’s as much a gift to yourself as to the person who loves you most in the world. 

So go ahead. Book the shoot. Discover what it’s like to walk with your head held higher and with a new found confidence in your soul. Remember that you are the ultimate gift, and worth seeing as such. You and your Love will never regret it. 

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