Spooky Season Boudoir: Do’s and Don’ts

October is in full swing, and many of our clients are planning spooky boudoir shoots. We’re all for those halloween vibes, so here are our best tips for a successful spooky photoshoot!

Do: Wear more dramatic makeup than usual

Whether you’re going for dark and edgy or pale and ghostly, up your usual makeup routine to match the vibe!

Don’t: Use fake blood

While it can make a pretty dramatic scene, fake blood can get really messy and stain the sheets. 

Do: Bring sexy costumes

From angel or demon to Disney princess or Wednesday Addams, there’s a sexy take on anything and everything. Get creative and have fun!

Don’t: Forget to practice getting in and out of said costumes

You’ll want to practice getting in and out of difficult costumes such as strappy pieces and corsets so that you make the most of the time you have in front of the camera, not spending it all in the bathroom getting adjusted.

Do: Bring your favorite spooky props

Be it spiders webs or witch hats, feel free to get creative with props that add to the scene you want to portray.

Don’t: Bring weapons, even toy ones

They might look cool, but we want to make sure that our photographers are safe at all times, so we do not permit weapons, even toy guns or knives, to come into the room at a photoshoot. 

That’s it! Get creative, have fun, and enjoy getting spooky for your session. We’ll see you there! 

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