Comfort and Quality: How to Pick the Perfect Daily Bra

Are you rushing to pull off your bra at the end of the day? You’re probably due for a new daily bra. Choosing the perfect daily bra involves considering several factors to ensure both lasting comfort and support. With so many options, it can feel like an intimidating process. Here are some pointers to remove the mystery and make choosing your next bra simple.

Measure Yourself: Before shopping for a new bra, make sure you have accurate measurements. You’ll need to measure your band size (around your ribcage, just below your bust – this is your band size) and your bust size (across the fullest part of your breasts, without a padded bra). Each inch between the two measurements can be counted by the alphabet to show your cup size. These measurements will serve as a starting point for finding the right bra.

Understand Different Styles: Bras come in various styles, including full-coverage, demi-cup, balconette, and more. Each one works better for various breast shapes. Research and understand the different styles to determine which one aligns with your preferences, breast shape, and wardrobe needs.

Determine Your Support Needs: Think about your daily activities when choosing a bra. Do you need something for work, exercise, or casual wear? Depending on your bust size and personal preferences, you might need different levels of support. For larger busts, look for bras with wide straps and multiple hooks for extra support.

Check the Fit: The band is the foundation of a bra’s support. The band should fit snugly around your ribcage, parallel to the ground. It should feel secure without digging into your skin. The cups should fully encapsulate your breasts without any gaps or spillage. If the cups are too small, they’ll create bulges, and if they’re too big, you’ll have extra space.

Consider Comfort: Look for bras made from comfortable, breathable materials. Seamless bras or those with smooth seams can prevent irritation and discomfort. If you are choosing an underwire bra, make sure the wire sits flat against your ribcage and encases your breast tissue into the armpit without poking or digging in. A properly fitting underwire will not feel uncomfortable at the end of the day. Invest in well-constructed bras from reputable brands. Quality bras are more likely to provide lasting support and comfort.

Try It On: Always try on bras before removing the tags in case you decide it’s not the best fit for you. Move around, lift your arms, and check how the bra fits during different activities. Pay attention to how the straps, band, and cups feel.

Remember that finding the perfect daily bra might take some trial and error. Be patient and open to experimenting with different styles and brands until you find the bras that make you feel comfortable and confident every day. Start with our sister company’s Everyday Collection for some of our tried and true favorites that are boudoir photographer approved!

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