How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

You’ve done the first big step! You made the call, you scheduled your boudoir photo shoot, and now your head is spinning with the important question—“What do I do next?” A boudoir photo shoot is a powerful experience, something you may only do once, so it’s good to prepare thoroughly for it to ensure that you’re happy with your images for years to come. It can be extremely nerve wracking, but it is so worth it. We’ve compiled a guide on how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot so that you can walk into your experience with confidence that you’ve done everything you need to do—from affirmations to skincare to financials.

How To Prepare For A Boudoir Photo Shoot: Mentally

First, practice affirmations. The more you love yourself, the easier it will be for you to love your experience! It can feel awkward at first, but a daily practice of standing in front of a mirror and speaking compassionately to yourself will slowly start to change the way you see yourself. Start with things like “I look so beautiful today” or “I am strong and good” and move on to “I deserve honor” and “I am worthy of rest and love”—we suggest doing this even if you don’t have a photo shoot scheduled!

How To Prepare For A Boudoir Photo Shoot: Physically with Your Look

Second, think about your outfits. What kind of feel do you want from your photo shoot? Are you a bright and bold kind of person, light and floral, or dark and classic? Do you love cute patterns or leather? Do you want to bring props or accessories? From there, start shopping or raiding your closet for things that you can use and feel completely yourself in. We have some favorite styles in our blog post about outfits for a boudoir shoot!

Next, think about how you want your hair and makeup to look. Do you like a natural look or full glam? Retro-inspired? A little laissez faire? If you’re doing your own makeup, we suggest going with a heavier application than you’d generally do for everyday wear, as the lighting will wash it out a bit. For hair, remember boudoir is bedroom style—would you have your hair in an elaborate, perfect updo if you were hanging out in your bedroom? Remember that imperfection is a good look for boudoir photo shoots. Make a Pinterest board and sit with your ideas for a while before you settle on what you want. 

Once you settle that, consider your nails. If you want to come with a manicure done, make an appointment either the morning of your photo shoot or at some point the week before. A lot of boudoir photos put focus on your hands, so you want them to be fresh, trimmed, neat, and clean, whether or not you’re planning acrylics. 

How To Prepare For A Boudoir Photo Shoot: Financially

Finally, the photo shoot is just the first part of the experience—after you have your photos taken, you’ll have an opportunity to choose your personalized package of images. Whether you choose an all-digital package, a discreet book, or a luxury album, you’ll want to plan ahead to spend a bit on your products. We generally recommend saving up around $1500 so you have plenty of options for your end package, but some clients spend even more than that if they fall in love with our luxury products. Start putting a little bit aside here and there so you can really treat yourself when you see the final product—you are worth it, and you’ll treasure these images forever.

As always, remember that your session will be beautiful—your photographer is an experienced, compassionate, and caring professional. She’ll guide you through posing, through expressions, and through the entire process while you’re with her. Love yourself, take a deep breath, and get excited about this life-changing experience. You are worth it!

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