Bridal Boudoir: Everything You Need to Know, Part 2 – Outfits

Continuing our Bridal Boudoir Photography Series, we wanted to share a little bit about how to really make the most out of the outfits you bring with you to your session. There are four main bridal boudoir outfits that come to mind: the dress, the button down, the bridal lingerie, and the personal touch.

  • THE DRESS. Doing boudoir in a full wedding dress is impractical, but bringing it along to catch it slipping off your shoulders, or laying over the bed is a really fun way to incorporate it into your boudoir photos. We love the intimate, honeymoon feel you can add to your session if you have your dress with you. Don’t forget your veil, if you’re using one! 
  • THE BUTTON DOWN. Nothing says “I see you” as much as sneaking their favorite button down to wear with a cute pair of panties and nothing else.
  • THE BRIDAL LINGERIE. A set of bridal boudoir lingerie can mean a whole lot of things to different people, but we particularly love all white sets and heirloom pieces, especially when combined with your veil. Are you investing in a special set for your wedding day? This is a great day to give it a test run!
  • THE PERSONAL TOUCH.  Do you have an inside joke with your partner? Do you just absolutely love pink? Is black latex your jam? Don’t forget to get some photos that are just you all over – you’re getting married because they love *you* so include a healthy dose of your personality and style into your shoot as well. When you have the final bridal boudoir photography album, highlighting all sorts of sides of you and the beginning of this new, beautiful journey you’re on together, you’ll both be so grateful to have those memories and moments.

Whatever you wear, wear confidence, knowing you’re absolutely beautiful. No matter what you feel insecure about, our photographers will pose you and capture you in a way you never thought possible. We can’t wait to show you.

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