Boudoir Vs Erotica – What’s the Difference?

As someone who began in the customer advocate team, I can’t tell you how many times I was asked if we photograph erotica. The answer to that is no—and that means that some people are more comfortable working with us, and for others, we’re not what they’re looking for—and that’s okay! We wanted to break down the differences between the two genres, and share what we do and do not photograph:


Focus on sensuality
Generally in a bedroom setting
Nudity is encouraged if you’re comfortable with it!! 
Even with nudity, will not show genitalia 
More emotionally intimate
A classic heirloom

Focus on sexuality
Could be in a bedroom setting
Nudity is expected!
Will often show genitalia
Generally includes sexual acts
More private for you and your partner

Couple’s photography can fall into either boudoir or erotica categories, but it’s not a service we offer at Chérie Amour. All our sessions are one on one with the client and photographer. Boudoir is also not the same as burlesque, but clients do sometimes choose to do more of a burlesque theme (vintage, costume-centered, strip tease style). We love the variety of styles and moods our clients bring in!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your self-love journey and you feel like a boudoir photography session is what you are looking for, we hope to talk to you soon to schedule your shoot.

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