Boudoir and the Art of Storytelling:

Preparing for your photoshoot

The beauty of photography is so much more than composition, sharp images, or modelesque subjects. Without a story, photography has no soul, no art. Part of why boudoir is so special is that it tells the most unique story. The story of YOU. 

To fully encapsulate the art of boudoir photography, we suggest thinking of three words before your photoshoot that you want to describe the feeling of your photos. Some examples would be, “Soft, feminine, gentle” or “sexy, mysterious, femme fatale.”  “Powerful, feminine, fierce,” or “nerdy, fun, girl-next-door.” Thinking of what you want to portray and communicating that to your photographer will allow your session to truly tell your story. To truly have the soul and art that makes boudoir photography so special and unique.

Another way to personalize your session is in your styling. Do you tend to keep a natural look? Don’t overdo your makeup for your boudoir session! Do you live in full glam? Keep it up! Do you like pastels? Steer away from neon pieces. Do you like a particular sports team? Wear one of their jerseys. Do you and your partner have an inside joke? Bring something that references it. This is part of why we don’t do client closets or makeup at Chérie Amour. Every client has a unique personal look and we love seeing how they bring it to life in their session styling. 

Nobody can share the story that you can. Nobody can make art like you can. Remember that when you do your photoshoot. We can’t wait to work with you so you can make the art of boudoir photography come to life with your story!

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