Embracing Diversity: Celebrating Beauty Through All Its Forms Through Boudoir Photography

At Chérie Amour, it is our top goal to make sure that everyone feels welcome, safe and represented. We understand that it can be discouraging to look at something like boudoir and see only one type of woman represented, so we strive to make our photography something in which you can see yourself in.

Our all women staff of photographers help to make this experience a comfortable one – never making a woman feel less than beautiful because of how she looks.

Boudoir is such a beautiful tool for empowerment. Anyone who says it has to be done for another person is wrong – it does so much more for the woman being photographed than the person she might give the privilege of seeing the photos!

Most importantly, boudoir can help you see yourself as you truly are – gorgeous, stunning and a force to be reckoned with. We’ve never met a woman who didn’t embody all these qualities from the moment she stepped into her session.

CA Boudoir Client
CA Boudoir Client
CA Boudoir Client
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