Finding Joy in the Winter Months

By Rebecca Ashbach

If you’re in the northern portion of the United States, the cold of winter often lures us into retreating indoors. For many people, seasonal depression can reach an all time high – but even if it’s not a serious issue for you, maintaining joy can be hard. From the right mindset, there’s a special kind of magic in finding joy amidst the dark and cold weather. In this article, we’ll explore some simple yet powerful ways to infuse your winter months with warmth, self-love, and a touch of enchantment.

  • Remember to Breathe Fresh Air

When winter drapes nature in a cold quiet layer of cloud, there’s a certain crispness in the air that invigorates the spirit. Bundle up in some cozy layers and take a short walk outside. Whether it’s a brisk stroll in a snow-covered park or a moment of contemplation, just observing nature in your backyard, connecting with the outdoors brings a sense of vitality and peace that can elevate your mood in a deeply healing way. 

  • Write it Down

Winter is a season of reflection, and what better way to capture your thoughts than through journaling? Find a quiet corner, grab a warm beverage, and let your thoughts, feelings, worries, and traumas fall onto the paper. Explore your mind, see what you’re holding onto, and try to notice any beauty you find in the winter stillness. Your journal becomes a canvas for self-discovery and a sanctuary for your innermost thoughts. Especially when your thoughts get dark, letting them out on paper can release your stress and allow you to see new perspectives.

  • Affirm Your Body

Have you gotten so used to bundling layers and puffy jackets that you don’t feel quite as beautiful as you actually are? Take a moment each day to affirm and appreciate your body. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself. Run your hands with gentleness over areas you struggle to love. Consider doing a boudoir shoot to remind yourself how lovely you are (hint hint!)

  • Try Out New Self Care Rituals

The slower pace of winter creates a perfect space for trying out new self care rituals. Treat yourself to a cozy evening at home with a good book, a warm bath, or indulgent skincare. Find a new recipe and nourish your body and soul. Discover the things that bring warmth to your life and make time for them – you deserve it.

Even in the darker, colder months, there’s a unique opportunity to discover joy in the quiet moments. So, bundle up, breathe in the freshness, and let the winter months become a canvas for self-love and gentleness. Remember, in fully embracing the simplicity of the season, you’ll find the most profound sources of warmth and joy.

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