Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Boudoir Photoshoot


  • Put on a Fresh Fake Tan

We all love a good sun-kissed glow, but prepping for your photoshoot with fake tanner can get messy and stain the sheets (and your pretty new lingerie). Fresh tans can also come across as streaky and orange in the camera lights. If you want a refreshed tan, aim for one week before your session.

  • Wear Tight Clothing 

Those high waisted jeans might make you look SNATCHED but it’s best to wear something loose, such as sweats or a loose fitting dress. This way you can avoid pesky skin marks and indents from clothing digging in on the ride to your session.

  • Drink Alcohol

We get it – the nerves are a lot to handle before a session! However, we recommend drinking some lemon water rather than a mimosa. We can’t photograph a woman under the influence, and you’ll want to be clear headed to make the most of your experience! Save your drink as a post-photoshoot celebration. 


  • Pack your ID

In order to photograph you, we need to check your ID to ensure that you are the person we booked, and that you’re at least 20 years old. This can be a passport, drivers license, state ID, or military ID. If you’ve got a paper temporary license without a photo, you can bring that as long as you also have another form of ID with the same name and a picture to confirm (student ID, costco card, etc.).

  • Try on your Outfits

Be sure to try on your outfits before your boudoir session. Especially complicated outfits can take a couple minutes to figure out! But just like fashion brands, every lingerie brand sizes things a little differently, so you’ll want to make sure you’re in love with how it looks on you before you commit to pictures in it! Oh, and bring a backup outfit just in case a strap breaks or any other wardrobe emergency happens.

  • Stretch before your Session

Boudoir may look effortless but trust us on this one: it’s a workout! You’ll probably be sore the next day, so try to mitigate any effects by stretching ahead of time. Focus on shoulders, neck, and back, and warm up your ankles to avoid cramping when you point your toes. 

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